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A strategic interest group dedicated to providing tools and resources to help enhance the execution and effectiveness of digital marketing efforts.

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DMPI is a dedicated research center focused on measuring and tracking the effectiveness, relevance and value of online marketing programs and spend. It will also examine and advocate the need for more unified and integrated approaches to managing and optimizing the fragmented interactive marketing discipline, especially across leading vertical markets. 

The Digital Marketing Performance Institute is a strategic interest group dedicated to providing tools and resources to help enhance the execution and effectiveness of digital marketing efforts. As a sub-group of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, we are able to provide a wealth of reports, news articles, white papers and research about the latest challenges, trends and best practices across the full scope of digital marketing efforts. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to contribute your insights by participating in any of our featured surveys.

Reports and studies featured through this program include:

APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard - APAC Digital Marketing Performance Index, the CMO Council is partnering with Adobe to explore the state of digital marketing across Asia in order to benchmark levels of adoption, traction, and success. This undertaking will provide valuable insights into digital marketing performance across a region that embraces 35 countries, 4 billion consumers, 2.6 billion mobile phone users, and nearly 45 percent...Read More »

Brand Automation for Local Activation - The CMO Council is embarking on a new thought leadership campaign to identify the key aspects that must be aligned and connected to optimize customer activation. The program will explore the key technologies, platforms, measures, metrics and resources required to implement a system that can be monitored, adopted and measured. Some key areas to be explored will include...Read More »

Greater Gains From Digital Campaigns - Digital technologies and interactive platforms are opening new global channels of engagement at lightening fast speeds. But this channel proliferation is also adding to the complexity of launching, localizing and optimizing global campaigns. This campaign will look to benchmark how marketers are managing this challenging operational environment, specifically...Read More »

Integrate to Accelerate Digital Marketing Value - Today's chief marketers are challenged to staff and resource digital marketing programs, integrate offline and online campaigns, and unify disparate marketing functions. More importantly, they have to be effective at making a business case to management on how digital marketing investment and migration will drive business performance, increase customer lifetime value and retention, as well as create more adept and adaptive organizations."Integrate to Accelerate Digital Marketing Value" will highlight where and how marketing solution investments are improving marketing campaign effectiveness and...Read More »

Keeping a Closer Eye on Content ROI - The CMO Council’s Content ROI Center is a new strategic interest community dedicated to the evolving discipline of content marketing. The center will provide new reports, whitepapers and case studies on content marketing best practices, trends and challenges. Topics include Effective strategies for ensuring relevance and engagement, the power and potential of peer-driven affinity networks, tools and approaches for performance and ROI measurement...Read More » 

Localize to Optimize Sales Channel Effectiveness focuses on driving best practices and thought leadership in optimizing the delivery of localized marketing support, engaging and acquiring customers on a local level, as well as connecting and resonating with local community interests, icons, preferences and hot buttons...Read More »

Online Advertising Performance Outlook - The CMO Council and Vizu, a Nielsen company, are collaborating on a thought leadership white paper to address the fragmented digital landscape and create new content based on insights and best practices from innovators and leaders in global digital campaign design, development, localization, execution and performance...Read More »



Given the significant shift and re-allocation of marketing dollars into interactive digital media channels, the CMO Council is setting up a dedicated research center focused on measuring and tracking the effectiveness, relevance and value of online marketing programs and spend. It will also examine and advocate the need for more unified and integrated approaches to managing and optimizing the fragmented interactive marketing discipline, especially across leading vertical markets. Authority leadership and content aggregation programs by the Digital Marketing Performance Institute will drive best practice adoption; audit and assess competencies and proficiencies; establish measurement models and techniques; evaluate enabling platforms, solutions and technologies; and help marketers increase visibility, compliance, accountability and ROI. 

According to an in-depth article in The McKinsey Quarterly, "The rapid growth of online advertising hides a serious challenge: the digital world has developed faster than the tools needed to measure it. This problem has made it difficult for marketers to fully exploit the Web's promise as the most targeted and measurable medium in the history of marketing.Hobbled by nascent technologies, inconsistent metrics, and a reliance on outdated media models, marketers are failing to tap the digital world's full power."

The management journal went on to state, "Unless this problem is addressed, the inability to make accurate measurements of digital advertising's effectiveness across channels and consumer touch points will continue to promote the misallocation of media budgets and to impede the industry's growth." Studies by McKinsey show that companies introducing rigorous measurement techniques report a higher level of satisfaction with digital marketing. The consulting firm also notes that over half of respondents to its online digital marketing survey of 340 senior marketers are not satisfied with the current process of allocation and measurement and are mostly using qualitative (subjective), not quantitative techniques.

To address this issue, the CMO Council will leverage its worldwide affiliate network to form a global coalition of resources and partners in the interactive digital marketing sector, conducting strategic briefings and workshops for its senior marketing members. It will also collaborate with leading solutions providers, analyst groups, consultants, functional marketing organizations and media partners, to explore various facets of online market engagement; lead acquisition and conversion; customer intimacy, listening and experience; individualized relationship management; as well as viral, word-of-mouth advocacy.

A wide range of underwriting options exist, ranging from $25,000 to $150,000, depending on scale, global scope and duration of involvement. Branded areas of research and insight will be incorporated within the Online Performance Marketing Institute to address specific pain points, advocacy platforms and strategic imperatives. Current and past underwriters of CMO Council events and programs have included: Oracle, CSC, Xerox, Deloitte, Alterian, Ricoh/IBM InfoPrint Solutions Company, BCG, IBM, D&B, SPSS, Pitney Bowes, Satmetrix, MarkMonitor, Eastman Kodak, Interwoven, Experian, eRewards, Catalina Marketing, United Business Media, IDG, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and many more.
For more information about the Online Marketing Performance Institute and its inagurral research initiative, Keeping a Closer Eye on Content ROI, contact Bryan DeRose, Senior Director of Business Development of the CMO Council.

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Studies & White Papers


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