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The Customer Experience Board

The Customer Experience Board addresses the critical need for organizations to optimize, connect and fully monetize the customer experience.

The Customer Experience Board is addressing the critical need for communications service providers to optimize customer experience and heighten retention in a highly convergent, competitive, and demanding customer market.

The Customer Experience Board (CEB) brings together concerned marketers from leading service provider organizations and their partners worldwide to interact and engage, as well as promote best practice adoption, in this critical area of business performance. The CEB is a dedicated knowledge center and think tank focused on benchmark studies, audits and competency assessments, content aggregation, report publication and syndication, peer-to-peer interactions, best practice development, vertical industry analytics, and global models and frameworks for integrated customer experience management.

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CCO & Enterprise Leaders Summit 2024

This high level leadership Summit brings together internal champions and enterprise leaders driving change needed for customer transformation.

2024-03-25 08:00:00 2024-03-25 09:00:00 Asia/Singapore CCO & Enterprise Leaders Summit 2024 This high level leadership Summit brings together internal champions and enterprise leaders driving change needed for customer transformation. CMO Council





Curated Facts & Stats

Sponsorship has become an essential element in the modern business landscape due to its ability to enhance brand visibility, build credibility, create emotional connections, access targeted market segments, and leverage networking opportunities.

Source: Faster Capital

More than ever, sponsorship expertise is shifting from agencies and rights holders to brands. Big properties are now building dedicated sponsorship teams and developing niche expertise.

Source: Elevent

Many event professionals understand the importance of putting on an event with sponsorships but still struggle with developing a strategic approach to securing sponsors.

Source: Stova

Sponsors need time to consider the opportunity, sell it internally, make a decision, plan leverage, and implement that leverage – all before you launch whatever it is you’re doing. Because it’s leverage that turns the opportunity you’re selling into the result they need.

Source: Power Sponsorship

While motorsports, golf, and baseball are known to draw an older demographic, all sports leagues are trying to renew their audiences to maintain viewership and commercial value.

Source: Elevent

The increasing prevalence of AI-generated information is likely to drive a significant change in how consumers seek out information. Traditional search engines like Google may see a decline in user traffic as consumers pivot more and more toward embracing AI tools such as ChatGPT to answer their questions. This shift signifies a growing trust in artificial intelligence to curate and deliver relevant content.

Source: WSI World

In 2024, the continual rise of smart speakers and voice assistants will reshape how businesses prioritize voice search optimization. A game changer on the horizon is the concept of Search Generative Experience (SGE). This shift will enable a seamless exchange of information, allowing users to engage in natural conversations with search engines as if they were interacting with a knowledgeable assistant.

Source: WSI World

The Rise Of Intelligent Machines: In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of everyday life and virtually no industry or aspect of our lives is untouched by it. In truth, no one knows where the AI revolution will take us as a society or as a species, but our actions in 2024 will be critical to setting us on a path that leads to a happy outcome.

Source: Bernard Marr/Forbes

The gap between generations in terms of wealth and property ownership will continue to drive global and social change in 2024. According to research conducted in 2023, the median wealth of millennials (born early eighties to late nineties) is less than half that of baby boomers (born mid-fifties to mid-sixties) at the same age.

Source: Bernard Marr/Forbes

Macroeconomic trends, first-party data and the influence of artificial intelligence will all be instrumental for marketers next year.

Source: Marketing Week


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