Francesco Federico

Global Marketing Executive Director

See how this expert leader rose from entrepreneur to becoming a key player at several of the world’s top companies. More

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Elliot Wilson

CEO of Hanss Business Development Inc.

Meet the forward-thinking leader and his strategy to maximize customer value creation & campaign effectiveness. More


Gavin Cowley

Former Marketing Director

Get to know this experienced leader and his secrets to better collaboration and go-to-market enabling digital marketing innovations. More

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Kath Sharfman

CMO and Chief Platform Officer
Sun Exchange

South African platform-as-a-service innovator invites individual investors to warm up funding for solar installations that have social value and impact in developing countries.   More

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Anil Malhotra


Meet the innovative Marketing leader's take on shifts impacting customer and competitive dynamics in the payment industry, and how to prepare for the "cookie-less" world. More


Russ Somers


Meet the creative leader and his take on the vector of marketing in the future and how he leverages data to improve his CX. More

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Natasha Maharaj

Director of Marketing
Distell Southern Africa BU

Meet the forward-thinking marketing leader for Distell ZA, and how she manages to keep an authentic human connection despite the constant digital advancements. More


Bahriye Goren

NYU, School of Professional Studies

Meet the inspiring leader and teacher, and her journey from corporate executive to preparing the future generation of leaders. More

Executive Perspective

Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva


Marketers are becoming masters of the information that drives brand direction, yet less than one in four of the top-performing marketers have the real-time data access they need. More

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Hussein Dajani

Deloitte Digital

Get to know the award-winning and growth-driven leader Hussein Dajani, and his rise to become one of the top global marketing executives. More


Simon Anholt

The Good Country Index

Exploring the way national imagery, social responsibility and country of origin labeling is shaping global commerce. More

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Mike Schaffer


Check out this interview with Michael Schaffer, where he talks about the marketing techniques that set his company, Echo-Factory apart from others.  More


Nav Thethi

Senior Manager for Web and Digital Experience
Hitachi Vantara

Meet Nav Thethi, his diversified portfolio of experience, and his take on why companies need flexible DXPs to adapt to a dynamic marketing environment. More

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Nicolas Marchon

Director of Marketing
Thermo Fisher Scientific

How has digitalization shifted marketing focus in today's atmosphere? What are some key leadership styles do's and don'ts? See Marchon's key insights and his tips and tricks on how to stay ahead of the game. More

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Aziz Amine

Group VP of Marketing & Country Head of Fintech Services
Virgin Mobile KSA

Meet the passionate change agent-focused leader with worldwide experience and his insight on advances and innovations in digital marketing. More

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Annie Headley

VP of Corporate Marketing

Meet the battle-ready VP of Nutanix and her rise up to becoming a strong, charismatic, and results-driven leader, taking her team to the next level. More

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Peter Weingard

Global Head of Brand at Wipro

Award-winning CMO Peter Weingard shares his philosophy on digital content and how trust and marketing go hand-in-hand. More

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Steve Brauntuch

Misfits Gaming Group

Meet the charismatic leader behind the marketing for Misfits Gaming Group, a fast-growing, multi-platform gaming organization taking the video game world by storm. More


Ronald Prasad

Chief Commercial Officer
Vodafone Fiji

Get to know this relationship-oriented leader and read his predictions on the future of marketing. More


Tom Hutchison

The Alkaline Water Company

Learn how this CMO "goes deep" as a marketing specialist in a sea of generalists.  More