Amy Pascal

Vice President, Head of US Marketing, LEGO

Pascal notes that in the earlier days of the web, eCommerce sites existed, but they were not on the radar because they were so small. “Everything happening on the web at that time from a marketing standpoint was focused on reaching and engaging with consumers,” she explains. “Marketers focuse... More


Ahmet Abaci

Vice President, Spalding Product Marketing & Brand Strategy, Fruit of the Loom

“When it comes to these global eCommerce marketplaces, I see them bringing convenience and choice to the consumer,” he says. “Brands should see this as positive not only because it benefits the consumer, but because it drives innovation. Competition, in the end, helps everybody.” When custo... More


Simon Sproule

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Aston Martin

Due to the nature of the luxury car business, Aston Martin is strongly focused on personal engagement. While the brand is small in terms of volume, people tend to keep their cars much longer than they would keep a mass-market vehicle, and everything the company does is centered around creating a hig... More


Drossos Drossos

Head of Brand Experience and Licensing Manager, Coca-Cola

For an aspirational brand like Coca-Cola, customer experience is of the utmost importance. As Head of Brand Experience for Central and Eastern Europe, Drossos Drossos explains that this strategy is embraced from the highest levels of the company and is localized for every market within the business ... More


Manos Spanos

Vice President of Brand Marketing Flavor Brands, PepsiCo

For PepsiCo, the consumer engagement journey is multifaceted, with consumer touchpoints positioned around content, digital experiences, in-store interactions, live events and retailers. Manos Spanos, Vice President for Brand Marketing Flavor Brands, explains that the company works to engage its targ... More


Caroline Losson

Vice President of Marketing, Keurig Canada

Keurig boasts a one-of-a-kind business model in which brewers are sold in order to continue selling beverage pods. Consumer engagement is the foundation of the brand’s business model, so it is critical that consumers remain engaged and continue to purchase and consume Keurig-made beverage pods. To... More


Bill Beck

General Manager, Kitchen, Whirlpool

Whirlpool—the world’s leading home appliance manufacturer—is introducing a new line of connected appliances and employing a family-oriented aftermarket strategy that saves money, effort and time for customers. Over the coming years, more and more appliances will be IoT-connected, however toda... More


Jeff Gooding

Senior Director of Marketing and Advertising, Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware—the largest hardware retail cooperative in the world—prides itself on high-quality customer service and truly connecting with their surrounding communities. Though Ace Hardware utilizes certain technologies to build a competitive advantage, the brand still advocates for the classic ... More


Charlie Cole

Chief Digital Officer, TUMI

The TUMI brand prides itself on a strong commitment to social awareness and giving back to the community. Employees believe that their brand represents a symbol of creativity, innovation and integrity and that their business can represent a better and more responsible future. Founded in 1975, TUMI's... More


Lisa Manganello

Managing Director and Head of Integrated Brand Marketing, Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm, providing investment banking, securities, wealth management and investment management services. With offices in more than 42 countries, Morgan Stanley's employees serve clients worldwide, including corporations, governments, institutions an... More


Christopher Curtin

Chief Brand and Innovation Marketing Officer, Visa Inc.

As a leading global financial services brand, Visa is in a unique position because of its distinct omni-presence in consumers’ everyday lives, no matter where they are in the world. Omni-channel takes on a whole new layer of significance for a brand like Visa, where every transaction using a Visa ... More


Peter Francis

Vice President of Digital Growth & Acquisition, T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile is leading the charge when it comes to delighting customers and creating experiences that add value to their lives. Peter Francis, Vice President of Digital, says that brands have reached a pivotal time where they must determine how to truly add value in the digital space because consumers ... More


Peter McGinness

Chief Marketing and Brand Officer, Chobani

McGuinness stresses the need for global brands to think local, act local and communicate locally to ensure the brand is totally relevant and completely resonant with the consumer. He believes that taking the extra steps to reach the local community will offset costs due to the development of brand p... More


Jennifer McCarthy

Former Vice President of Global Brand Design, Marketing & Operations, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

It is important, in McCarthy’s experience, for global brands to adapt, modify and localize their branded and creative content for different markets and geographies while maintaining the core brand essence globally. For each of its hotel brands, Starwood developed brand positioning, brand programmi... More


Ram Krishnan

Chief Customer Officer, PepsiCo Inc.

Global brands in the food and beverage industry reach local and global markets, and the taste profiles in different parts of regions and countries can vary greatly. These brands all adapt to accommodate their consumers, and depending on the consumer group, we ensure the brand messages transfer and r... More


Lee Humphreys

CEO of Creative Production Services, HH Global

Creative execution expert Lee Humphreys shares his thoughts on the importance of tailoring, adapting and transcreating creative content and how HH Global maintains strong client relationships to maximize the success of these efforts around the world.... More


Chris Shaffer

Executive Director of Digital Media and Marketing, Cox Communications

Cox Communications has taken a number of steps to be able to communicate and respond to customers in real time based on the data they are able to aggregate about their customers. Even so, Chris Shaffer, Executive Director of Digital Media and Marketing for Cox, explains that they still have some tec... More


Bryan VanDyke

Head of Digital Strategy, Morgan Stanley

When it comes to using data to create better customer engagements, Morgan Stanley aims to deliver the kinds of experiences that anticipate its clients’ needs and resonate with them in a compelling way, in addition to creating products that exceed their expectations. For Bryan VanDyke, Head of Digi... More


Roger Ares

Senior Vice President of Marketing Analytics and Consumer Insights, SunTrust Banks

SunTrust Banks Inc. maintains a very client-centric approach when interacting with its customers and places a heavy emphasis on understanding their individual circumstances in order to have meaningful conversations with them. Because of this focus, the ability to personalize more of its interactions... More


Marcos Arias

Director of Call Centers and Customer Experience, AT&T

For AT&T, every interaction is viewed as a chance to make a difference in the lives of its customers, so creating real-time, data-based engagements for their subscribers is critical. While some areas of the business have a full, complete view of customers, others fall behind the curve. Marcos Arias,... More