The Responsiveness Requirement

According to 150 marketers surveyed by the CMO Council, the ability to source, understand and then quickly react to feedback, preferences and needs is important, if not critical, to the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.... More


Promotion Commotion

The CMO Council interviewed 113 front-line managers, sales executives, and field marketing managers to assess their perspective of marketing materials. While almost everyone agreed that point-of-purchase materials and marketing consumables are persuasive at the point of sale, the management of these tools, from creation to distribution and implementation, is too often overlooked. Download the Mark... More


A Straight Line To The Front Line

Growth and recovery are at the top of every executive’s to-do list as we head into a postrecessionary economy. This mandate has placed increasing pressure on Sales to close business and on Marketing to fill the pipeline with quality leads. And while the riff between Marketing and Sales is certainly nothing new, it has taken on a new direction that has a direct and immediate impact on the bot... More