The Age of the Adaptive Marketer

This report highlights the challenge global marketers face in modifying brand materials across a growing multitude of touch points, and it demonstrates how can today’s modern marketing leader can accelerate adaptive marketing initiatives. Presenting brand materials in a manner that maintains brand identity while also adapting to geographical and cultural preferences.... More

How Brands Annoy Fans Report Cover

How Brands Annoy Fans

As a result of digital content infection, nearly half of all consumers indicate they would rethink purchasing from brands, or even boycott products, if the ads from these brands appeared alongside digital content that offended them. While it is estimated that programmatic advertising will account for 80 percent of all digital display advertising in 2017,... More


The Path Forward

This strategic report from the CMO Council and Ebiquity suggests that as budgets increase to fund digital marketing campaigns and more personalized customer engagement, marketers now need additional expertise in data analytics, content creation and channel proliferation to improve ROI. Based on data from a survey of 276 marketers in the first half of the year, this paper outlines how digital mark... More


Grow From the Right Intro

More than ever, businesses must rely on strategic partnering to grow revenue, acquire customers, expand market reach and innovate products, services and customer experiences. But many are struggling to get it right. This report examines the state of partnering in today’s fast-changing, global marketplace. The study sheds new light into the motivations, rewards, pitfalls and proven practices ... More


Ambush Marketing

The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) released "Ambush Marketing: A Global Legal Perspective," which summarizes laws and other rules governing ambush marketing in 52 countries around the world. Ambush marketing, a controversial marketing practice that pits non-sponsors against rights holders, is as prevalent as ever as marketers seek to associate themselves, rightly or wrongly, with signi... More


More Gain, Less Strain

This study reveals that ad agencies are struggling to evolve in the digital age, resulting in high turnover of interactive marketing firms. On the flip side, clients lack creative ad scoring systems and formalized campaign metrics.... More