Doing More With Data

This report highlights how the three critical functions as it relates to customer engagement: marketing, commerce and supply chain, seek to elevate data strategies to personalize outreach, streamline operations and identify new opportunities.... More


Doing More With Data: Strategic Overview

This preliminary report in the research initiative, “Doing More With Data,” in partnership with IBM, highlights the current status of customer engagement strategies and organizations’ ability to leverage data successfully. ... More


Adaptability in Branded Content Delivery: Background Research

This presentation explores background research conducted by the CMO Council and other third party experts to explore the state of adaptability in the world's largest global brands. The presentation explores the localization mandate, benefits of adapting and localizing content, the need for platforms, and overcoming localization hurdles. ... More


Grow From the Right Intro

More than ever, businesses must rely on strategic partnering to grow revenue, acquire customers, expand market reach and innovate products, services and customer experiences. But many are struggling to get it right. This report examines the state of partnering in today’s fast-changing, global marketplace. The study sheds new light into the motivations, rewards, pitfalls and proven practices ... More


Big Data's Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO & CIO

As organizations realize the importance of delivering on a more customer-centric overall business strategy, big data has emerged as the real glue that has permanently cemented the relationship between the CMO and CIO.... More