Instant Interaction Driving Business Traction

Chat Commerce has the potential to completely shift and reshape e-commerce as we know it. ... More


Ingenuity in the Global eCommerce Community Detailed Findings

Large, global eCommerce communities are disrupting the retail marketplace by bringing together vast numbers of buyers and sellers in frictionless transactional environments. Inspired by their success, brand marketers are rethinking go-to-market strategies to better integrate digital advertising with personalized shopper engagement and more effective conversion programs.... More


Mapping Monetization

The CMO Council recently partnered with Vindicia, the leaders in payment and billing solutions, to host a series of executive roundtables to discuss new paths to revenue and the challenges to monetization optimization. The number one issue that marketers found most challenging to overcome: FEAR.  ... More


Discovering The Pivotal Point Consumer

A study of American consumer shopping behavior designed to provide fresh and actionable insight, backed by detailed data, to help Consumer Packaged Goods marketers and retailers better understand and address the global challenge of fragmentation and the need for precision marketing. Conducted by Catalina Marketing's Pointer Media Network, in conjunction with the CMO Council, the study unmasks the ... More



The CMO Council surveyed retail shoppers at three consumer electronics stores in four U.S. markets to study the impact of the Internet on in-store purchasing behavior. While the findings represent a single snapshot of consumer behavior, they paint a clear and dramatic picture of the shifting landscape of media influence. The Internet is climbing in usage and purchasing influence, magazines, TV and... More