Are Garbage Leads Trashing Your Brand?

Marketers need to get a handle on lead gen before it’s too late. This strategic brief features key insights gleaned from nine in-depth interviews and covers the 10 questions every brand should ask when vetting a lead gen vendor.... More


Establishing and Enriching the Content Supply Chain

This white paper details best practices in taking content to market—one that applies supply chain thinking to creative content development and delivery. It also discusses how content fuels the customer journey and, when done correctly, can be directly tied to business growth and revenue.... More


From Creativity to Content

This study by the CMO Council, conducted in partnership with Libris, reveals that internal silos, disconnected content development strategies and a vast list of other marketing priorities have prevented visual assets from being fully leveraged across the organization.The 17-page strategic white paper, now available for download, is based on insights from a survey of nearly 200 marketers.... More


The Content Connection to Vendor Selection

Content marketing research by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council reveals insight-hungry business buyers are increasingly reliant on trusted third-party information to make more educated decisions. The study also found that buyers tend to be clustered in distinctly different content sharing circles based on how the purchasing process is being driven, as well as their levels of collaboratio... More


BtoB Content Impacts Customer Thinking & Buying Decisions

This infographic looks at the impact and value of BtoB marketing content and shares some of the key findings of a survey of more than 400 BtoB content seekers. ... More


Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field

BtoB marketing organizations need to dramatically improve their capacity to generate and deliver trusted, customer-relevant and strategically unified content across a multiplicity of digital channels, formats and device types. ... More


Authority Leadership Marketing

This paper from a leading practitioner of content marketing demonstrates how B2B leaders like Symantec, Oracle, Cognos, SGI, and others are using peer-powered, insight-driven content campaigns to engage target audiences around highly relevant topics and conversations that drive measurable brand and business results.... More