Turn Up The Volume

In order to further customer experience strategies, marketers must implement strategic customer voice listening initiatives. Yet according to a survey of over 160 senior corporate marketers across Europe, while marketers are listening, they are not hearing the voice of the customer. Indeed, while 63 percent say they actively employ a listening program, only 10 percent feel these programs do an ex... More


Elevate What Consumers Appreciate

The customer experience mandate of the CMO has focused on creating an experience that will surprise and delight their consumers up to the point of purchase; unfortunately, the aftermarket for far too many is an afterthought. Yet with the rise of IoT-enabled service-oriented business models, and a savvy consumer that can quickly share feedback through any number of social channels about their exper... More

The Customer In Context Report Cover

The Customer in Context

The findings of this survey of more than 2,000 consumers—conducted in partnership with SAP Customer Experience— reveals that customer experience is more critical than ever as consumers will abandon a brand and take their money elsewhere if they continuously encounter poor, impersonal or frustrating customer experiences.... More


Product Ownership

New research reveals only 17 percent of consumers believe brands truly care about them after the point of purchase. To enrich the customer experience, brand marketers must take steps to elevate the ownership experience. The ownership experience should be a critical brand differentiator and revenue generator for both manufacturers and retailers. ... More


Variance in Customer Experience

Seeking to measure the consistencies and disconnections in customer experience, the CMO Council set out to audit and catalog the Variance in Customer Experience across 25 major brands. The program was designed to identify limitations, liabilities and lost opportunities when companies do not enforce brand guidelines, control digital assets, and harmonize content origination and delivery channels wo... More