What's Changing the Way You Travel Today?

Travel and tourism generated $1.6 trillion in bookings in 2017 and now accounts for over 10 percent of global GDP. Technology and service innovations are making it easier and cheaper to discover, reach and enjoy travel destinations. Destination marketers seeking to capitalize on the surge of global travel take note: travelers are still looking for the best deal, but also want a personalized experi... More


GDPR: Impact and Opportunity

GDPR, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation, has forced marketers to rethink their operations to ensure they are compliant. Yet new research highlights that far too many marketers are unaware that GDPR even applies to them, and have taken no steps to modify their policies.... More


CMOs and the Spark to Drive Growth

In this new 2018 survey of 191 marketing leaders, we find that CMOs are increasingly activating on growth-driving activities. They are beginning to move past the traditional role of brand storytellers to embrace the benefits of strategy leadership to become growth drivers. Still, they have hurdles to overcome to drive strategic long-term growth, and are far less comfortable with key aspects of dri... More


Adaptability in Branded Content Delivery: Background Research

This presentation explores background research conducted by the CMO Council and other third party experts to explore the state of adaptability in the world's largest global brands. The presentation explores the localization mandate, benefits of adapting and localizing content, the need for platforms, and overcoming localization hurdles. ... More


Be an ADEPT Traveler

This global study explores top travel stressers, and what savvy travelers around the world are doing to better prepare for superior travel experience. Travelers urge destination marketers to help take steps to make travel more pleasureable and less stressful. ... More


How Global Voices Shape Travel Choices

A plethora of global incidents have made headlines this past year—including terrorist attacks, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, regional conflict, political upheaval, crime or civil unrest, airline tragedies and cruise line accidents and food safety issues—that have impacted travel plans, schedules and intentions. News coverage, social media postings and government warnings have o... More


State of Marketing 2010

The CMO Council State of Marketing Report, featuring the 2010 Marketing Outlook Audit, is the largest annual independent assessment of senior marketing executives today. This annual global benchmarking initiative undertaken by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, gains insights into how senior marketing decision makers are managing marketing mix modeling, budget allocations and media mix spe... More


Marketing Outlook 2009

Despite a restrained economy, however, marketers see budgets holding up fairly well with dollars being stringently controlled and directed against growing and retaining market share. The 2009 Marketing Outlook Survey, the largest independent annual assessment of senior marketing executives today, is an annual global benchmarking initiative. Given the economic challenges and market pressures worldw... More


Marketing Outlook 2007

This groundbreaking study uncovers the further changes executives plan to make in 2007 to upgrade organizational effectiveness, strengthen customer engagement and achieve even greater measurability. Most marketers say they will have larger budgets in 2007 to accomplish these goals. The 2007 Marketing Outlook study is the first in this annual benchmark study undertaken by the CMO Council.... More


Marketing Under Siege

Published in February 2003, this study provided direct insights into the health of high-tech marketing in 2002 post internet bubble collapse, and provided a prognosis for the year ahead (2003). ... More