The Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel communication in today's digital climate requires cohesive, accessible and impactful content narratives in order to resonate with rapidly evolving audiences' needs. This whitepaper from our partners at Acquire dives into the information marketers need to know while making sink-or-swim decisions in this time of recovery and realigning priorities. ... More


Loyalty That Lasts

Today’s consumer is seeking a deep, emotional bond with the brands they do business with, and yet new research reveals that organizations see dollar-signs – not people – when thinking of their customers.... More


Whats Critical in the Telecommunications Vertical

This installment of the CMO Council's "What's Critical in the Vertical" series, in partnership with Ricoh, provides key insights into the factors driving loyalty and defection in the telecommunications industry based on data gathered from 1,660-plus global consumers and 147 senior marketers.... More


Losing Loyalty

Consumer defection and lapsed loyalty are rampant among major consumer packaged goods brands, a problem that is only worsening in the current recession. A study by the CMO Council, conducted with Catalina Marketing's Pointer Media Network, provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis the defection dilemma among CPG brands. The study underscores the critical need for brands to more effective... More