How Covid Has Changed The Channels Of Engagement

Consumers across generations and geographies are moving to digital channels, and running into all sorts of problems. Now 73% of frustrated consumers are considering spending their dollars elsewhere. Brands need to get ahead of this before it’s too late.... More


The Age of the Adaptive Marketer

This report highlights the challenge global marketers face in modifying brand materials across a growing multitude of touch points, and it demonstrates how can today’s modern marketing leader can accelerate adaptive marketing initiatives. Presenting brand materials in a manner that maintains brand identity while also adapting to geographical and cultural preferences.... More


Adaptability in Branded Content Delivery: Background Research

This presentation explores background research conducted by the CMO Council and other third party experts to explore the state of adaptability in the world's largest global brands. The presentation explores the localization mandate, benefits of adapting and localizing content, the need for platforms, and overcoming localization hurdles. ... More