How Covid Has Changed The Channels Of Engagement

Consumers across generations and geographies are moving to digital channels, and running into all sorts of problems. Now 73% of frustrated consumers are considering spending their dollars elsewhere. Brands need to get ahead of this before it’s too late.... More


Ingenuity in the Global eCommerce Community Detailed Findings

Large, global eCommerce communities are disrupting the retail marketplace by bringing together vast numbers of buyers and sellers in frictionless transactional environments. Inspired by their success, brand marketers are rethinking go-to-market strategies to better integrate digital advertising with personalized shopper engagement and more effective conversion programs.... More


Getting Serious About Omni-Channel Experience

Today’s omni-channel consumer expects a seamless journey across both physical and digital channels. Personalization and real-time, always on experiences are a core demand for consumers who expect that each and every experience delivers value to their unique journey.  ... More


The Responsiveness Requirement

According to 150 marketers surveyed by the CMO Council, the ability to source, understand and then quickly react to feedback, preferences and needs is important, if not critical, to the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.... More


Omnichannel's Missing Link

According to the findings from this CMO Council study, conducted in partnership with digital marketing intelligence company Netsertive, the strength of the entire omnichannel experience may lie in the last mile of the journey, where customers are choosing to transact, as well as in local retail partnerships and touchpoints. The online survey at the core of this research was fielded during the thir... More