Financial Service and Online Payment Edition

Don’t fall prey to one-dimensional data analysis for determining your brands multidimensional impact. This Partner Content report explores how marketing leaders need to see farther and deeper than ever before into their brand’s analytics, impact and performance. Learn how to achieve a 360-degree view of your brand strategy metrics to see how you stack up against competitors.... More


Health Insurance Edition

Are you measuring yourself in a silo? This Partner Content report focuses on the health insurance industry and provides unique strategies for your organization to see into your brand’s competitive landscape. Learn how to outsmart your competition and win market share with more visibility and context than ever before.... More


Consumer Electronics Computers Edition

Customers are people, too. So many emotions are behind each click, purchase and interaction customers have with your brand. This Partner Content report explores how marketing leaders can measure their brand analytics, impact and campaigns beyond the narrow lens of one-dimensional data. Treat customers as more than just a number.... More


Brandtotal Top Chart Reports

BrandTotal’s Top Performers charts presents brands that dominated social media that month. Learn what worked and why, how leading brands are generated social media success and more! This Partner Content report covers three main categories: Top 10 Most Engaging Ads, Top 10 Most Loved Ads, and Top 10 Spenders. Did your organization make the cut?... More


The Greatest Comeback Ever

With droves of retail giants closing their doors over the last couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic appeared to be the nail in the brick-and-mortar coffin. Or was it? This Partner Content report investigates leading retailers’ paid social media strategies, what works, what drives positive (and negative) consumer sentiment, and how different brands are making their comeback, against all odd... More

Report Cover for Brand Protection From Digital Content Infection

Brand Protection From Digital Content Infection

This study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council—conducted in partnership with Dow Jones—is aimed at determining the impact of digital ad experiences on consumer perceptions and purchase intent and provides valuable insights from an online survey of more than 300 senior marketing decision makers, in addition to qualitative perspectives based on interviews with brand le... More

How Brands Annoy Fans Report Cover

How Brands Annoy Fans

As a result of digital content infection, nearly half of all consumers indicate they would rethink purchasing from brands, or even boycott products, if the ads from these brands appeared alongside digital content that offended them. While it is estimated that programmatic advertising will account for 80 percent of all digital display advertising in 2017,... More


The Social Consumer Brand Compatibility Model

Social media has become one of the biggest, most dynamic parts of marketing. Brands across every vertical are scrambling to make up ground and develop and implement digital marketing strategies. While some brands scored huge early wins and established themselves as digital leaders, most marketers are still searching for how social channels can work for their companies and how they fit with the res... More