Bringing a Human Voice to Customer Choice

Chief Marketing Officers believe brands like Amazon, Google, Apple, Nike and Starbucks are getting customer experience right, looking at omni-channel engagement as a means to guide and inspire customers on a journey, and not just push them forward in a buying process.... More


Turn Up The Volume

In order to further customer experience strategies, marketers must implement strategic customer voice listening initiatives. Yet according to a survey of over 160 senior corporate marketers across Europe, while marketers are listening, they are not hearing the voice of the customer. Indeed, while 63 percent say they actively employ a listening program, only 10 percent feel these programs do an ex... More


Turning Social Feeds Into Business Leads

Social media represents an important marketing frontier for the automotive industry. Ninety-four percent of millennial car buyers—the industry’s largest and fastest-growing demographic—gather information online, and 38 percent of consumers say they will consult social media in making their next car purchase. Based on these facts, senior marketers recognize social’s capacity... More


Advancing Customer Intelligence in APAC

When it comes to improving the customer experience through better market listening, responsiveness, and leveraging of data and actionable insights, most of APAC’s senior marketers felt they were not there yet, but were working toward it.... More


Delivering Positive Impressions During Market Depressions

As the global financial crisis and US credit rating downgrade took grip, banks of all sizes were challenged to leverage and activate custom media channels to reassure, engage, inform, advise, and notify customers, stakeholders, and investors. Quick response to ever-changing conditions and market gyrations required nimble content provisioning and adept use of digital media channels for rapid versio... More


The Social Consumer Brand Compatibility Model

Social media has become one of the biggest, most dynamic parts of marketing. Brands across every vertical are scrambling to make up ground and develop and implement digital marketing strategies. While some brands scored huge early wins and established themselves as digital leaders, most marketers are still searching for how social channels can work for their companies and how they fit with the res... More


Variance in the Social Brand Experience

The CMO Council, in partnership with Lithium, the leader in Social Customer Solutions, surveyed more than 1,300 consumers and 132 senior marketers to understand the voice, velocity, and value of social media. The research also uncovered significant gaps between how brands and consumers approach the social media marketplace. The overarching finding was that consumers want more from brands onli... More