Rising Above The Fray

A chaotic customer journey has flipped much of the sales action to the top of the funnel, making marketers responsible for nearly half of a company’s revenue. It’s a big ask with even bigger challenges to overcome. Marketers face immense pressure, scarcity of resources, a data literacy gap and a skeptical CEO.... More


Bringing a Human Voice to Customer Choice

Chief Marketing Officers believe brands like Amazon, Google, Apple, Nike and Starbucks are getting customer experience right, looking at omni-channel engagement as a means to guide and inspire customers on a journey, and not just push them forward in a buying process.... More


The CMO's Growth Driving Playbook

This Growth Driver’s Playbook highlights the five key plays all CMOs need to undertake if they are to drive successful growth.... More


Doing More With Data: Strategic Overview

This preliminary report in the research initiative, “Doing More With Data,” in partnership with IBM, highlights the current status of customer engagement strategies and organizations’ ability to leverage data successfully. ... More


CMOs and the Spark to Drive Growth - Executive Perspectives

This report highlights key perspectives from 13 marketers that have successfully driven long-term strategic growth. These leading practices are derived from executive deep-dive interviews with marketing leaders at brands experiencing significant growth, and highlights their roles in driving that growth.... More


The Impact of Connectedness on Competitiveness

A landmark CMO Council and BPI Network study exploring the impact of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in a complex and changing ecosystem. The Industrial Internet of Things will transform business and industrial performance, delivering significant improvements in operational efficiency and uptime, as well as growth from new business models, products, services and customer experiences.... More


Crunch Time: Global Competitiveness

Conducted in late 2004 and early 2005, Crunch Time serves as a benchmark for the ever-increasing challenges of global competition. At the time, if you were an executive in the North American high technology or telecommunications industries, there was a high probability you felt the heat of increasing global competition. Yet, there is no executive formally assigned to the task o... More