C-Suite Scorecard

The C-Suite Scorecard report card is based on a survey of 120 enterprise business leaders in companies of all sizes. It gave marketing high marks for 2020 performance, and nearly 70% of respondents are confident in marketing’s ability to lead growth recovery in 2021. ... More


Rising Above The Fray

A chaotic customer journey has flipped much of the sales action to the top of the funnel, making marketers responsible for nearly half of a company’s revenue. It’s a big ask with even bigger challenges to overcome. Marketers face immense pressure, scarcity of resources, a data literacy gap and a skeptical CEO.... More


Scaling the Value of the CMO

This study uncovers serious gaps, holes and deficiencies across key functional areas in the office of the CMO. In consequence, 86 percent of senior marketers surveyed believe lack of leadership depth and capabilities has resulted in missed revenue, growth and customer acquisition opportunities. ... More


Humanizing and Analyzing Relationships To Drive Revenue, Retention And Returns

Re-thinking an old marketing metric — customer lifetime value (LTV) — can help close the gap between marketing efforts and financial outcomes.... More


Getting it Done in 2021

There’s some good news and optimism from global marketing leaders looking for growth recovery in 2021. ... More


The CMO's Growth Driving Playbook

This Growth Driver’s Playbook highlights the five key plays all CMOs need to undertake if they are to drive successful growth.... More


CMOs and the Spark to Drive Growth - Executive Perspectives

This report highlights key perspectives from 13 marketers that have successfully driven long-term strategic growth. These leading practices are derived from executive deep-dive interviews with marketing leaders at brands experiencing significant growth, and highlights their roles in driving that growth.... More


CMOs and the Spark to Drive Growth

In this new 2018 survey of 191 marketing leaders, we find that CMOs are increasingly activating on growth-driving activities. They are beginning to move past the traditional role of brand storytellers to embrace the benefits of strategy leadership to become growth drivers. Still, they have hurdles to overcome to drive strategic long-term growth, and are far less comfortable with key aspects of dri... More


The CMO Shift to Gaining Business Lift: Executive Perspectives

The role of the CMO has evolved far beyond anyone could have predicted 10 years ago. Gone is the traditional role of mere brand ambassador, replaced with the critical role of business driver, change agent and customer experience champion. As was revealed in the report "The CMO Shift to Gaining Business Lift," CMOs have a clear desire, and business-supported mandate to serve as the primary growth d... More


The CMO Shift to Gaining Business Lift

The CMO of today has denounced the traditional role of mere brand ambassador, instead opting to actively assert their role as business driver, change agent and customer experience champion. But while the CMO of today knows they will need to take the driver's seat in steering the development of next generation products, services, business models and customer experiences, many may still be falling i... More


State of Marketing 2014

The "State of Marketing"—the most valued annual study by the CMO Council—provides an in-depth view of global marketing vitality and direction and serves as a valuable resource tool to help calibrate, prioritize and make a business case for marketing investments. The benchmark report is based on a 50-point assessment taken by more than 525 senior-level marketers from around the globe. T... More


CMO Compensation

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s new “CMO Compensation Report” tells all you need to know about chief marketer compensation, with 36 pages of analytics and insights drawn from a survey of 345 chief marketers around the world. It is the first and most defining analysis of senior marketer salary, benefits, bonuses, incentives and perks published to date. The report is a... More


Renovate to Innovate

As businesses in every industry work to transform themselves, CMOs are being tasked with driving the bottom line as business strategists. No longer just brand managers, marketing executives are now hired as change agents and decision-makers. The CMO Council sat down with over 20 newly appointed CMOs and delved into the challenges and nuances of their role. In addition to these interviews, the repo... More